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    Luxurious Gift from Starred Hotel

Luxurious Gift - Hong Kong Souvenirs

Being the premium food brand of a starred hotel group, Regal Supreme closely monitors the production process, implementing exceptionally high safety standards and ensuring that only the best quality food is served. Regal Supreme strives for perfection in food quality and packaging. Besides luxurious tin boxes, we also offer special packing box designed by Ms. Poman Lo, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels International. This gracefully designed gift box will be a decent present choice to your beloved ones. Regal Supreme also offers Festive Hampers in Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas, please contact us for enquiry or bulk purchase.

Best Sellers - Regal Supreme Cookies and Pastries

All pieces of Regal Supreme Cookies and Pastries are hand-made with selected premium ingredients, such as Australia/ New Zealand butter. and no additives or artifical color.  All cookies are individually packed to keep the freshness taste and crispy texture, and are highly popular among tourists and residents. Besides classic Butter Cookies and Chocolate Cookies, we also offer healthy line such as Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, Pistachio Cookies and Ginger Sugar Cookies.

Tailor Made Products

We bring solutions to meet specific needs of our customers. Regal Supreme offers tailor made service to different occasions, such as Wedding, Graduation Dinner, Birthday Party, and Hundredth Day Banquet. The tailor made cookies and special packing will bring joyous memories to your big days. Please contact us for enquiry.